Brazil | Oct 28 – Nov 14 2022 | 40 Women in the Bible Devotional Book Tour

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Naomi Ierullo Bruno Brazil 2022.11

Book Tour and Revival Conferences

Releasing Naomi’s Ierullo new book 40-day devotional of 40 women in the Bible in Portuguese

Women of the Bible:

Many women of the Bible are strong, ambitious, generous, compassionate women, whose sacrifices altered history. They are from different age groups and in different eras. Naomi in her new book has a timeline to picture the eras that these women lived in, you will see some of these women knew each other – and encouraged each other. The attributes that are drawn from you can declare over yourself and the women in your life and call these character traits out of your daughters, nieces, granddaughters and friends.

Confirmed Cities: Recife and Curitiba, Brazil




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