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Feb 2024 Democratic Republic of Congo

February 13th-23rd 2024


May 6-10 2024 | Vatican City

Gathering in the Holy Spirit, Vatican City

Apr 25-May 5 2024 | Brazil/Uruguay/Argentina

Ministering in Conferences and Churches

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Unity in Reconciled Diversity

Unity does not have to mean uniformity. When we recognize the gifts and value in the diverse communities within the church, we build healthy relationships filled with the Life of God…


United in Christ Mission

The mission of United in Christ is to promote the reconciliation of all Christians and Christian Churches who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah to promote the Christian religion.


Participate With Us

Pray the Good News of Jesus and the Joy of His Gospel will not be hindered but shared with everyone, everywhere. That understanding compassion, forgiveness and consideration be foremost…



Congo | Feb 2024

Congo Missions Program Feb 2024

Israel Relief

I am raising money for those who have lost loved ones in the Israel/Gaza war… I will personally bring your donation to suffering families…

KJRT Unity Statement


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March 2023 – Upcoming France Meetings

March 2023 Hear the Latest from Bruno Video about France

What is United in Christ?

This ministry is dedicated to bringing all Christians together for the purpose of healing & restoration.

Catholics, Protestants & Orthodox Christians will likely always differ in doctrine and we want to acknowledge, accept and even celebrate those differences as strengths to reach a world in need of a Savior.

United in Christ has ministered to a divided church all over the world to encourage Christians to embrace our brothers and sisters internationally who have the same intention, to reveal Christ to the Nations in their own way, allowing them to continue in their diversity.

Bruno & Matteo

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