Video Update – Ukrainian Refugees Escaping To Poland Fund

Update – Ukrainian Refugees Escaping To Poland Fund

United In Christ – March 1, 2022

Thanks to all who have supported the refugees through a financial donation.

United in Christ Canada as well as its USA affiliate base United In
Christ, Inc. has a partnership with a Polish registered Catholic
ministry/community which is based in Kraków which extends to a larger
ecumenical base throughout Poland.

We are disclosing the names of the particular communities in Poland to
all our financial donors upon receipt of their gift and upon request.

The Polish leaders within the Catholic community are presently arranging
housing for Ukrainian refugees within the homes of their community
members or in suitable lodging where rest, healing, food and care is
provided as well as Internet and phone communication.

Reserve lodging for Pastors and religious leaders is being provided and
secured, however, restrictions are in place not allowing men from the
ages of 18-60 to leave Ukraine at this point in time.
Contact has been established and confirmation has been made that a
former large Catholic Orphanage run by nuns that we have contact with is
being used as a meeting and resting place in the border city of
Przemysl, southeastern Poland.

Your financial support will help provide, safe lodging in homes. Food,
clothing, transportation, and communication needs such as the internet,
mobile phone devices are also being provided. As well as specific
necessary and reasonable requests of expenditures.

Our partners in Poland are reporting to us daily and recording costs as
they host the refugees and care for them.

Our ultimate prayer is that Poland is a temporary pathway to the refugee
family members in various other safe places in Europe and the world.

We pray and acknowledge believing that this is only a temporary refuge
and the angels of God will protect the Ukrainian sovereign nation in
every way.

We decree an end to this war with no more damage, devastation or ungodly

Please continue to pray for the border as thousands of Ukrainians wait
to cross over into safety leaving their beloved homeland.

If you are still interested in providing your financial support please
email me directly at or call me directly at
+1 4169843578

Under His Wings of protection,

Dr. Bruno Ierullo
United In Christ, Inc.
United In Christ, Canada